Director of International Production Finance

Job duties include:

  • Develop production finance proposals and submit applications for funding to European Union agencies’ grant programs for productions in target European Union countries – France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain.
  • Supervise production accountant service companies to ensure compliance with accounting policies and procedures as they relate to United States and European Union rules and regulations.
  • Monitor productions to ensure proper accounting standards related to labor rates, overtime, vacation & holiday pay, pension health & welfare contributions while in compliance with European Union rules and regulations. Provide guidance on payroll tax and labor issues in multi-state and European Union production environments.
  • Manage and provide guidance on complex European Union tax incentive structures in multi-currency environments.<
  • Coordinate international location production audits to ensure compliance with relevant European agencies’ policies and procedures (Creative Europe and EFAD).
  • Lead production cost report meetings with investors, partners and external producers.
  • Coordinate production and business affairs matters in order to comply with European Union relevant governmental agency guidelines.
  • Liaise with European Union banks and payroll service representatives for productions in the European Union and while hiring European Union external contractors and associates.
  • Review production funding and cash flow schedules.
  • Facilitate various internal and external financial audit requests.
  • Coordinate and supervise production tax reporting requirements.

Required qualifications:

  • Minimum of 10 years experience working in international departments and offices related to project finance, accounting and submission of grant proposals.
  • Knowledge of European Union grant proposal processes and experience in drafting/submitting proposals with relevant European Union agencies, such as Creative Europe for Programme of the European Union and the European Film Agency Directors Association.
  • Substantive experience in European Union institutions while working in conjunction with high level government officials in the finance and banking regulatory sectors within the European Union structure.
  • Knowledge of Smart Accounting (formerly Ease Accounting), payroll processing (ADP), Shotgun software (optimized for film production) and database management (MS Access).
  • Minimum Associate’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages.
  • Fluent in English and French, working knowledge of Italian and Spanish preferred.

To apply, please contact us by email at giaver.productions.llc@gmail.com