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Manager of International Business Development, Events

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creates the development of near-term and long-term company business strategy in the film production area.
  • Works closely with senior leadership to identify growth initiatives and opportunities that can drive incremental profitability.
  • Tracks competitive trends in film production, deal flow and market trends in relevant markets, including Europe and LATAM.
  • Develops analyses and presentation materials to improve the tactical execution or long-term strategy, including talent investments, target company evaluations, commercial partnerships, market assessments and competitor benchmarking.
  • Works directly with cross functional teams, including finance, marketing, operations, and programming, to implement existing company business plans.
  • Researches and procures talent gifts and premiums for events.
  • Creates and maintains timely updates to department calendars, submission grids and other trackers and files.
  • Draws up and monitors expenditures and revenue budgets.
  • Handles submission information and materials for film festivals and awards.
  • Manages the department’s contact and contributor list, including contacts for talent, agency representatives and vendors.
  • Develops processes that simplify, automate, and add reliability to departmental procedures and supervise correspondence, reports, mailers, documents, materials, and inventory.

Required experience and skills

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in finance & accounting, inventory management, CRM, competitive analysis, business development, strategic planning.
  • Academic training in accounting highly desirable.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in event production at a media or event company (entertainment and/or Consumer Packaged Goods Industry experience preferred).
  • Strong skills in analytical data systems used to pull and analyze sales data.
  • Expertise in financial modeling (Excel), MS Word and presentation creation (PowerPoint).
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills and sound decision-making combined with analytical experience is required; ability to analyze data, identify issues, and implement process improvements.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple priorities successfully; proven ability to manage improvement projects from concept to deployment.
  • Knowledge of the entertainment industry field internationally, including Europe and Italy.
  • Proven interest for filmmaking, entertainment, and digital media space.
  • Professional working proficiency of English and Italian; any other European language skills a plus.


Director of Global Corporate Security Operations and Legal Services

Duties and responsibilities

  • Create and implement global security risk management strategy and associated security programs in order to develop an enterprise-wide program to safeguard the company’s critical assets (employees, talent and clients, facilities, operations) and reputation worldwide.
  • Address potential critical issues regarding business enablement imperatives in Europe during business operations: crisis management, executive protection, risk assessment methodology, safety/security governance and compliance, regional and global risk-based program implementation.
  • Liaise between global corporate security, regional management, and external organizations to ensure protection of all assets.
  • Develop regional threat intelligence to assist in mitigation of events and protection of assets.
  • Develop and manage the capital and expense budget for the organization’s security operations and technologies.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal, regulatory, and accreditation standards.
  • Develop and maintain strategic and close relationships with municipal authorities, local public safety departments, high-level law enforcement, and intelligence and private sector counterparts.

Required experience and skills

  • 15+ years’ experience in security risk management in government, corporate or a combination of both.
  • Master’s degree in security, strategy, international affairs/relations or related field.
  • A strong network of corporate and government security contacts and intelligence resources (including local and federal law enforcement intelligence community, FBI, ATF, CIA, Homeland Security, Secret Service, State Department Diplomatic Service, and joint terrorism task forces).
  • Advance industry knowledge or professionally recognized certifications in security management (trade organizations and/or government-related institutional training).
  • Specific leadership experience and expertise in crisis management and other resilience business continuity programs.
  • Demonstrated experience in executive protection, investigation, physical security, event security, threat management, and global intelligence.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, develop, and motivate and organization.


Director of International Production Finance

Duties and responsibilities

  • Develop production finance proposals and submit applications for funding to European Union agencies’ grant programs for productions in target European Union countries – France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain.
  • Supervise production accountant service companies to ensure compliance with accounting policies and procedures as they relate to United States and European Union rules and regulations.
  • Monitor productions to ensure proper accounting standards related to labor rates, overtime, vacation & holiday pay, pension health & welfare contributions while in compliance with European Union rules and regulations.
  • Provide guidance on payroll tax and labor issues in multi-state and European Union production environments.
  • Manage and provide guidance on complex European Union tax incentive structures in multi-currency environments.
  • Coordinate international location production audits to ensure compliance with relevant European agencies’ policies and procedures (Creative Europe and EFAD).
  • Lead production cost report meetings with investors, partners and external producers.
  • Coordinate production and business affairs matters in order to comply with European Union relevant governmental agency guidelines.
  • Liaise with European Union banks and payroll service representatives for productions in the European Union and while hiring European Union external contractors and associates.
  • Review production funding and cash flow schedules.
  • Facilitate various internal and external financial audit requests.
  • Coordinate and supervise production tax reporting requirements.

Required experience and skills

  • Minimum of 10 years experience working in international departments and offices related to project finance, accounting and submission of grant proposals.
  • Knowledge of European Union grant proposal processes and experience in drafting/submitting proposals with relevant European Union agencies, such as Creative Europe for Programme of the European Union and the European Film Agency Directors Association.
  • Substantive experience in European Union institutions while working in conjunction with high level government officials in the finance and banking regulatory sectors within the European Union structure.
  • Knowledge of Smart Accounting (formerly Ease Accounting), payroll processing (ADP), Shotgun software (optimized for film production) and database management (MS Access).
  • Minimum Associate’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages.

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